My great friend Halstein met his beautiful wife Kristin during a crazy boy’s trip to Vegas. Thanksgiving is all about being grateful – and I’m so grateful having this couple in my life  – and for the Vegas invite – and for the sweet potatoes. Thanks to Kristin’s mom!!

And thanks to Onkel Ted who took his champagne pouring job so seriously!

And of course – thanks to my cool and funny boyfriend!  Next time we might not stop at the wedding chapel entrance..

Click here for the turkey pictures:

Thanksgiving food bonanza!
20 great people around the table, (some of them are not in the picture – but busy with round three at the buffet). Andreas might look somewhat dissatisfied – but he’s simply extremely focused on the sweet potatoes! One of the thanksgiving traditions I really loved, is the part where everyone has to say what they’re grateful for. We have so much to be thankful for – and we should express that more often!


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